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  General Description
    The PAH8002EP is a low power and high-performance CMOS-processed optical sensor with three LEDs: two Green and one Infrared (IR), and integrated DSP, targeted as a Heart Rate Detection (HRD) sensor. It is based on optical sensing technology that captures higher resolution image than the traditional photodiode. The images are then processed through our integrated DSP to attain processed PPG (Photoplethysmogram) data for use in deducing heart rate.
  Supply Voltage (V) : 3.3 - 3.6
  Control Interface : I2C, 4-Wire SPI
  IC Package/ W x L x H Dimension (mm) : 22-Pin LGA / 3.6 x 6.36 x 1.0
  Heart Rate Measurement Range (bpm) : 30 - 240
  Max Frame Rate (fps) : 50000
  SRAM Buffer (Bytes) : 832
  Illumination : 2x Green LEDs, 1x IR LED
  Average Current of Sensor + LED (mA) : Run @ 2x Green & 1x IR LED: 3.0; Sleep: 0.025
  Design Support : Not Recommended for New Design
  Application  : Smart phone,PAD  Optical Mouse  Medical  Wearable with Heart Rate Monitor 
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