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  General Description
    The ADNS-3090 is a high performance addition to PixArt
Imaging??popular ADNS family of optical mouse sensors.
The ADNS-3090 is based on a new, faster architecture with
improved navigation. The sensor is capable of sensing high
speed mouse motion - up to 60 inches per second and
acceleration up to 20g ??for increased user precision and
The ADNS-3090 along with the ADNS-2120-001 trim lens,
ADNS-2220-001 assembly clip and HLMP-EG3E-xxxxx led
form a complete, compact optical mouse tracking system.
There are no moving parts, which means high reliability and
less maintenance for the end user. In addition, precision
optical alignment is not required, facilitating high volume
The sensor is programmed via registers through a four-wire
serial port. It is packaged in a 20-pin staggered dual inline
package (DIP).
  Design Support : For Existing Design only
  Operating Voltage : 3.1-3.6 V
  Interface : 4-Wire SPI
  IC Package : 20-DIP
  Resolution : 3600cpi
  Speed/Acceleration : 60ips/20g
  Illumination : Red LED
  Dimension (mm) : 12.85 x 22.3 x 5.43
  Run Mode Current : 52mA
  IO Voltage : 3.3V
  Lens Part Number : ADNS-2120-001
  Sample Kit Part Number : ADNK-3090
  Reference Design Kit Part Number : ADNK-3093-SL11
  Application  : Optical Mouse 
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