Optical Navigation Sensors
GamingGlass TrackingFeatureWireless
Optical Finger Navigation Sensors
CMOS Image Sensors
VGA SensorQVGA Sensor
Multi-Object Tracking
Multi-Object Tracking Sensor
Capacitive Touch Controller
Optical Touch
Optical Touch Solution
Health Management
Heart Rate Monitor
Gesture Recognition Sensor
Smart phone,PADAmbient light detection for battery power saving and cursor control, image sensor
Optical MouseCursor control for PC peripheral input devices
Capacitive Touch Pad and Touch KeyboardCursor control, touch gestures recognition and as replacement for keyboard input buttons
Surveillance CameraVideo images capturing for security systems
Automotive CameraDrive path video recording for vehicles
DV/DSC/Watch/BarCodeCompact size image sensor for video recording and image capture
PC/NB/Toy/BiometricTouch or optical sensor solutions for display screen input and cursor control
TV, Setup Box, Interactive whiteboardProducts for TV direct pointing solution that if user need the cursor related application .
Remote ControllerOptical or finger navigation sensors for cursor control or remote pointing devices
Home appliancesIntuitive user interface using motion detection to turn devices on/off
MedicalImage sensor for wireless endoscopic capsule
Wearable with Heart Rate MonitorWearable like smart watch, wrist-band and ear-bud using the built-in heart rate sensor
Interactive Touch ScreenDisplay that using touches to interface with the machine like Consumer AIO, Monitor, POS, Large-format Interactive Display
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